Timber Panels in Wallsend

Timber panels in Wallsend are a popular choice when it comes to fencing options. Providing a classic look and adding a warm, homely feel to any outdoor area, timber panel are definitely a good choice aesthetically. We have a massive range of timber panels available for fencing with a variety of finishes to suit your requirements and preferences. All our timber panels in Wallsend are made of good quality materials and made to a high standard, so you can be certain that you will be receiving top quality products from us.

What Are The Advantages and Disadvantages of Timber Panels in Wallsend?

Timber panels in Wallsend hold many advantages but it is important that all aspects are considered to ensure that they are the best option for you. Timber panels are definitely pleasing aesthetically, giving any outdoor area a warm feel. They are also extremely versatile as the panels can be painted or stained in whatever shade you would like. Timber panels are also environmentally friendly, as the wood is natural. They are also easier to put up as well, making them a hassle free option of fencing.

Timber panels in Wallsend require maintenance at least once a year which involves painting the panels to prevent the growth of fungus and rotting. Wood fences can attract insects which can cause a great deal of damage to the boards and posts. Timber panels can also warp if they have not been treated to resist moisture and changes in the temperature. It is for this reason that regular maintenance is of paramount importance to the durability of the fencing.

Our Range of Timber Panels in Wallsend

Timber panels in Wallsend are something we specialise in selling, with a range of sizes from 6', 5', 4' and 3'. Our selection comes in a range of natural finishes. Our timber panels can also be stained or painted to whatever colour you choose to suit the theme of your outdoor area. So for more information on our selection of timber panels, contact us today on 07540 873 293.

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