Timber posts in Tynemouth

Timber posts in Tynemouth are a good choice of fencing post if you are looking for a warmer look for your garden. Aesthetically, timber posts tend to be a winner, offering a warm, tidy design to your outdoor area. Available in a range of styles and natural colours, timber posts can also be painted to your desired colour if you are going for a specific them to your outdoor area. Whatever look you are going for, we are sure to have the right timber posts in Tynemouth for your requirements.

What Are The Pros and Cons of Timber Posts in Tynemouth?

Timber posts in Tynemouth hold many advantages as they have a good appearance, adding a warm, comfortable feel to any outdoor area. Definitely the cheaper option to support your fencing panels, timber posts are also much lower in cost than, say, concrete posts. Another plus side is that they are more lightweight, making them easier to handle and therefore install.

Unfortunately, timber posts in Tynemouth do have a few cons. For example, because they are made of wood, timber posts tend to be prone to moisture damage and mould. These can all cause damage to the wood such as rotting, which can cause the wood to split and decay. This means that timber posts will need to be repaired or replaced, which can all be a build-up of costs.

Are Timber Posts in Tynemouth The Best Option For You?

Timber posts in Tynemouth are an inexpensive, aesthetically pleasing option to support your fencing panels. However, the pros and cons need to be carefully considered to work out if they are the best option for you. For example, because timber posts are more prone to water damage, they may not be the best option for climates that experience frequent heavy rainfall or area near the sea. Whatever you decide, we are sure to have the right solution for your requirements.

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