Pressure Treated Panels in Fordley

Pressure treated panels in Fordley are a cut above any other fence panels. Although a fraction more in cost than dipped panels, pressure treated panels last a lot longer and require less maintenance than dipped panels. We have a wide range of pressure treated panels available for all your fencing needs. Made of high quality materials, professionally treated and available at competitive prices, you can be sure that our pressure treated panels in Fordley are the best in the area.

What Are the Advantages of Pressure Treated Panels in Fordley?

Pressure treated panels in Fordley are treated using a specialised timber treatment to provide protection from moisture, rot and infestation. This protection can last considerably longer than the cheaper dipped panels. This saves you money and hassle in the long run, meaning they will be more durable and will require little maintenance over the years. This is because pressure treated panels are treated right down to the roots of the wood, rather than just the outsides. Pressure treated panels are already treated to protect them against damage. This means you don't have to treat them yourself, saving you time and hassle.

How Are Pressure Treated Panels in Fordley Treated?

Pressure treated panels in Fordley are treated using a specially formulated timber treatment that gets deep into the wood to provide long lasting protection from the elements. The fence wood is placed into a large vacuum in which high quality wood preservatives are placed. The treatment is then forced into the fencing wood, saturating it deep into the grain. This treatment prevents moisture entering the wood and causing damp. The chemicals used in the treatment also repel mould and insects.

For these reasons, pressure treated panels make an excellent choice for garden fences and any outdoor structures. For more information on our pressure treated panels in Fordley, contact us today on 07540 873 293.

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